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Michael Tapscott - Keynote Speaker
Founded & Managed by Michael Tapscott

[ Business Consultant and Coach ]


“I have a compelling desire and belief that we can set new benchmarks in personal performance and business success through a strong focus on our greatest assets, people. The attraction, development, performance, retention and leadership of these people is my business”.


- Michael Tapscott

Whether I am using my experience and skills gained over the last few decades in Corporate and Business, I am helping you realise your skills and attributes or I am engaging any of the many talented individuals I am connected with, developing a solution to meet your needs is the number one goal.

    Studying through The Pacific Institute in Seattle, Michael is experienced in enabling individuals and organisations to achieve much more of their potential by changing their perception of what is possible, and then providing the skills, knowledge and application to enable a change in what they actually accomplish.

    For over two decades, Michael has been enhancing individuals and team performance through a focus on the results. This may sound obvious however there is an art to this and mastering this makes a huge difference to people’s lives both personally and professionally.

    Studying world leaders and meeting leading edge thinkers from some of the worlds most prominent inspirational speakers including a past president, have empowered Michael with tools, skills and experience which he happily shares in his coaching and consulting either one-on-one or in groups.